L. Costantin
J. Vega-Ferrero
P. G. Pérez-González
M. Huertas-Company

This project provides a catalog of high-redshift galaxies taken from the Illustris TNG50 suite of cosmological simulations. For all galaxies more massive than 109 M at redshift 3 < z < 6, the catalog is composed of synthetic images in all filters of the NIRCam and MIRI instruments mounted on the James Webb Space Telescope.

As an additional data product, these synthetic images were processed with the mirage simulator for mimicking NIRCam observations for the Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science survey (CEERS). The full description can be found in Costantin et al. (2023), to which citation is requested if you use these results.

Synthetic images of TNG50 high-z galaxies

A powerful tool to investigate the synergy between theory and observations is to generate and analyze synthetic images from hydrodynamic simulations.
These noiseless images can be used to create mock observations that mimic the observational strategy of any available facility, providing crucial constraints on the expected performances of a given instrument.

Download the full public dataset of TNG50 galaxies and discover how to produce amazing RGB images on my GitHub page.

CEERS observations

This project provides mock observations of TNG50 high-redshift galaxies in two NIRCam filters (F200W and F356W), following CEERS observing strategy.
The mirage simulator (v2.2.1) and the JWST calibration pipeline (v1.4.6) were used to mimic the data reduction strategy to be used for in-flight data. All details about this analysis can be found in Costantin et al. (2023).

Download the full public dataset of CEERS mock galaxies and analyze them with your favorite tools.