Costantin et al. (2019), A&A, 632, 9

Stellar Population at intermediate redshifts Survey is a project which comprises two campaigns of spectroscopic observations: WEAVE-StePS and 4MOST-StePS. These projects aim at characterizing the stellar population properties for a large sample of galaxies at intermediate redshift (z=0.5) with unprecedented accuracy.

WEAVE-StePS will observe about 25,000 galaxies with the WEAVE multi-object spectrograph mounted on the William Herschel Telescope (Spain). On the other hand, 4MOST-StePS will observe more than 3,000 galaxies with the 4MOST multi-object spectrograph mounted on the VISTA telescope (Chile).

Data Releases

The datasets associated to Costantin et al. (2019) are released within the WEAVE-StePS team.

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